Monday, 18 April 2011

VLM results for JOGLErs - 6 finishers

So here they are in their full glory - all 6 of them in addition to the 3 other marathon finishers that we have had already this year from the JOGLE team.  Peter Kennedy must have had a tough second half looking at the splits. Meanwhile this must have been a breeze for Ingrid and David with all of their training at the moment:  This wasn't even half way for their Comrades Marathon next month.................

                             Half                         Full
Allan Barrie           1:23:17                    2:55:46
Vince Howley       1:36:46                    3:14:57
Peter Dry              1:38:41                    3:20:20
Peter Kennedy      1:30:11                    3:24:46
David Venter         1:46:36                    3:55:54
Ingrid Wagner       2:01:11                    4:11:57

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