Meet the team....

Hello and welcome!  Below are the confirmed members of the Stragglers JOGLE relay for July 2011:

Louise Neville
Mad Medic Dotty Doc. Loopy Lou. Pink gloves and lip gloss.
Lover of hills and mud and CHAMPAGNE! Fave shoes - her XC trainers with the LONGEST spikes. Fave run - the Burn Valley HM; N. Yorkshire  hills and 3 miles of trail run in the middle. Fave relay (apart from JOGLE of course!) - Welsh Castles relay.  Fave city in which to run - Paris, Paris, Paris. Have raced there 4 times.

Really only runs for the photo opportunity . Has never been seen
without a smile in any of the race shots. Has been known to chase
photographers who might have missed her.

A forced lay off ("Ruined my cross country season darlings!")has
meant that running has been very cautious of late but the Mad
Medic is now fascinated by the 2W's - Water and Wheels! She
competes in her first Tri in July, just before the the JOGLE. ("Do
they do wetsuits in pink?").

James Flood
Group captain not as a result of any innate organizational ability, but simply by virtue of a stray Stragchat forum suggestion in the summer of 2010 which somehow was misinterpreted as a proposal to lead the relay team.   By most of the team members standards, James is a relative novice with only a few years running experience having decided to take up the sport as he felt it would be too depressing to be relegated to the London Cornish rugby club vets team before being age qualified.  

However, James has made up for lost time with three marathons run already, a couple of Welsh Castle and Green Belt Relays in successive years and warming up for JOGLE with marathons in May and June.

Allan Barrie
Known as the 'Northern Nutter'  Allan not only enjoys running, he enjoys it to excess, relishing on a frozen weekends away in the mountain highlands racing up and down mountains with a 25kg backpack, a compass, and a map. Possessing an almost supernatural talent of effortlessly breezing up extremely steep inclines a-la-mountain goat style, the man is a running machine. 

Alarmingly adept, too at 'Angry Birds' and 'Cut the Rope' on the iPhone Allan is also the quickest iPhone in the West, finding any tidbit of information online quicker than it takes most to finish the question. If one is going to get lost, Allan is the man to be with. A rather astute sense of direction and calm head - possibly due to his sojourns in the mountainous wilds - will ensure we won't be eating each other out there on the JOGLE. Couple that with his hilariously quick and dry wit, he's bound to keep most of us in stitches throughout the trek!

Andrew Lane (non-running treasurer)
If there are any hostage takers or kidnappers out there, Andrew is the man with the cash.  Or perhaps more appropriately, the man with other peoples’ cash.  Yes, Stragglers answer to Bernie Madoff, the treasurer has managed to prize the princely sum of £ 480 out of each of the runners for the dubious pleasure of running across the country non-stop for 6 days.  Without much sleep:  Ponzi – eat your heart out.

In running terms, Andrew’s a thoroughbred with various marathons and half marathons to his name including a Comrades 56 miler.  Over the winter, Andrew took off to Australia for some warm weather training and also to indulge in some Ashes watching.  I’m sure that he must have been one of the many England supporters that Jonathan Agnew was getting very upset about on radio 4 as he has come back with a vast repertoire of Barmy Army songs and will be happy to offer a rendition of the Mitchell Johnson song to anyone who cares to listen.  

March update - sadly, Andrews' relatives obviously don't share his enthusiasm for running as one of them has only gone and decided to get married in the middle of the event so Andrew has now been relegated to a non-running team member.  Either that or 'Bernie' has done a runner with the team funds..................

Ingrid Wagner 

Ingrid is one half of the two Straggler couples taking on the JOGLE relay.  With partner David, they make up a formidable running team.  JOGLE will be Ingrid’s first major relay event and, in preparation, Ingrid is also taking on a couple of other minor firsts this year:  First Marathon in April (London) followed by first double marathon in May (Comrades in South Africa). 

In between the running, she manages to make time for work as a PA and office manager in London.

David Venter
David is the other half.  His aspiration is to run the world’s big 5 marathons and has so far done London (and Clarendon I’ll have you know although not sure this qualifies…..). They must be going through a serious amount of nipple cream at the moment in the Ingrid and David household as, along with Ingrid, David is also busy training towards a spring marathon followed by Comrades ultra in May. 

Apparently the running alleviates the daily stress of a senior IT post within the pharmaceutical industry.  Feeling that he really needs to relax and get away from it all, logically then his next holiday is a hard week’s skiing in Austria…….

 Ian Callender

I have worked for the charity VSO (Voluntary Service Overseas) for the past 15 years. Prior to that I spent 13 years in the world of motor sport, highlights being working with the pit crew of the 1981 and 1983 F1 World Champion Nelson Piquet, and also crewing the car that finished 2nd in the 1985 Le Mans 24 hour race.

I took up running in 2002 when I retired from playing soccer (having done the London Marathon in 2001) and part in the London Marathon 3 times. haven’t looked back since. I just wish i`d started running sooner! I have now taken part in the London Marathon 3 times.

Peter Dry

Peter is a recent Straggler convert who, back last summer when there were murmurings of a Stragglers JOGLE attempt, just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.  While convening the first JOGLE meeting at the Hawker Centre, Peter just happened to be having a cup of tea in the caf√©.  After inadvertently attending the meeting, quite remarkably he decided to join the Stragglers there and then and join the relay team.

He’s not quite the running novice though with a long history of running tourism including marathons in Western Australia, Pittsburgh, Reykjavic, Buenos Aires and Su E Giu in Southern Italy.  He was also a founder of the Fetcham and Leatherhead Dashers along with the 1995 Stragglers JOGLE member Don Esslemont. 

Outside of running, Peter’s interests are diverse with reading, completing jigsaw puzzles and the Simpsons.  A word of warning though for anyone in Peter’s team:  He also likes playing the Electric Guitar (loud apparently and one note at a time).  If this is in any indicative of his music tastes, it may well worth taking your own ipods for all the car travelling…..

Peter Kennedy
As an avowed anti-club runner, Peter was converted during a jog in Richmond Park in 2005 during which he struck up conversation with a passing Andrew Lane, ultimately being recruited into that year's Green Belt Relay team.  Since then, Peter has proudly sported the black and yellow of the Stragglers and has run in Straggler teams in all of the big relays, as well as being almost an ever-present in club cross country races.  

Having been brought up in the North without the benefit of some of our more modern comforts such as roads and trainers, Peter comes into his own in the cross country season and is adept at negotiating thick muddy hills.  The deceptive firmness and flatness of this new fangled tarmac however means that many of his successes in cross country haven't translated to as good times in the road running season.  That and the fact that there are far better things to do than running in the summer......

One apparent motivation for doing the JOGLE is that despite being from the north of England, he has only been to Scotland twice for day visits (isn't that enough?).  Fortunately for the rest of the JOGLE team, he also has a tendency of attracting biting insects like no-one else, so the the other team members will be sticking close to Peter in Scotland to try and deflect some of the midges over to a tastier victim......

Peter Wedderburn

The third in our triumvirate of Peter’s (it’s clearly a name associated with sado-masochism hence I’m considering putting them all in the same team – although one has to pity the non-Peter in the Peter team……), Peter W was an early adopter compared with many other JOGLE runners discovering running aged 11 when England International XC runner Tim Briault started teaching Biology at Enfield Grammar School.

Peter ran in the school team for about three years, but limited ability and a wild youth precipitated Peter’s “dark ages” (in running terms at least).  The prodigal son returned though, enlightened by a visit to a marathon running friend from Aberdeen whom Peter felt he was athletically superior to (akin to a Rhino dressed runner passing you in the London marathon), joining the Stragglers and hardly missing a Thursday night training session in the past decade. 

Since his return, Peter has run 10 marathons and countless other races with the constant feeling that he only needs to be in the next age-graded category to really start competing (Blessed Be The Elderly being a unique competitive runners mantra……)

Peter loves the big (and quirky!) events and is looking forward to taking part in JOGLE. No doubt he’ll take a short detour to Aberdeen on the way down to casually mention the event to settle a score with his running buddy………

Steve Sandham

Steve is another of our Northerners turned Southerner having been born and bred on Lancashire hot pot before moving to London and suddenly changing his beer preference from bitter to lager and lime.
Was a keen leisure runner for over 25 years, only running at weekends without discovering the joys of club running.  All this changed upon joining the Stragglers when he was introduced to midweek running and now he not only runs regularly but also averages a race every 10 days!
He does all types of races, although sensibly avoids marathons.  In order to avoid being labelled a part timer, he did manage to complete the London marathon in 2005, but loves cross country best of all.  Proving his newly acquired Southern credentials, Steve confesses to having to reconcile his hatred of the cold weather with the pleasure of running free across brilliant open countryside.

His favourite race is  the Welsh castles relay (a mini Jogle really). He did it for the first time  in 2004, and liked it so much he jumped at the chance to take over organising the Stragglers team, particularly as team captain gets to allocate the mountain stages!
Since he only started racing after turning 50 he still has plenty of gas in the tank and has achieved some great results, especially on age graded performance (but then he would say that wouldn't he?) Finds running is therapeutic as a great stress reliever (particularly good for getting over legal letters from divorce solicitors!). Steve also enjoys the social side of running, so he expects to have some fun times doing Jogle, as well as hard running.

Excited about  Jogle because it's a rare chance to do Britain in one go. American tourists take note! Is looking forward to the off road sections, but has a terrible sense of direction, so will be relying heavily on a well marked out course! (Ed: isn't that Peter Kennedy's job with his trusty bags of sawdust?)

Trevor Ford

Trevor was brought up in a house which was alive with running and sport.  Needless to say, he rebelled and doggedly avoided running until he was about 30.  Then in a rather strange calling, Trevor alleges he saw the light and has been addicted ever since.
His favourite events are the Welsh Castles Relay, club cross-countries and the Orion 15.  It’s also worth remembering that it’s Trevor’s birthday in January and so, for anyone unsure of the merits of splashing around in the Surrey cold and mud, worth turning up to the mid Jan Stragglers cross country for the Trevor Ford provided sandwiches and cakes (it is an annual event isn’t it Trevor??)

Trevor is also one of our running pairs and, unusually, was the one that had to be cajoled into doing the JOGLE event by partner Cathy.

When he is not running, thinking about running or recovering from running, Trevor enjoys crossword puzzles, cooking Thai food and swimming. (although Cathy informs me apparently not all at once!)

Cathy Davis

Cathy is Trevor's better half.  She is also a long-serving and ever dependable member ofthe Stragglers - one of the longest serving members in the JOGLE team.  A competitive runner since her twenties, she has never lost motivation despite the demands of a busy family life and the demands of the teaching profession (and an ever injured partner). Though she can often be seen at the 'normal' road races, she is a particular fan of cross country and runs that are 'a bit different' - she recently completed the Box Hill Fell Race and was naturally interested in the JOGLE.

Cathy is a great ambassador for the running lifestyle having not only started Trevor on the way but also many work colleagues and pupils at the schools she has taught at.  She will be a great motivator for the JOGLE (as well as being very good at recommending the best beers in all the pubs we stop at).
Outside her running, Cathy (along with Trevor) has recently taken up swimming training with a view to the aquathlons in the summer. She is also studying an Open University maths course and enjoys yoga, learning the guitar and helping  Trevor with the crossword.

Hilary Hilhouse
Originally hailing from Wales, Hils was excited at the prospect of a JOGLE route diverting through the valleys.  Unfortunately (for Hils) the chosen route skirts the civilized side of the Welsh border and so the most she can hope for is a Westerly wind to smell the sweet aroma of home (I’ll make it up to her by making sure that she’s in the team that are due to stay in Wrexham Travelodge….).  

Anyway Hils has been running for about 17 years and is an accomplished distance runner with 7 marathons in the bag and 1 ultramarathon.  With several 200 mile Welsh Castle Relays behind her, the prospect of a 1,000 mile JOGLE relay had to be added to her already impressive running pedigree.  

More recently she has taken up cycling and has started competing in duathlons.  Last year she competed in the GB age group team at the European championships and came 8th.  When not running or cycling herself she’ll be found organizing Kingston parkrun.

Vince Howley

Vince has been running for about ten years and now has an impressive 7 marathons to his name.  By the time JOGLE comes round, this should be 8 as he is due to be running the London marathon in April.  Unlike many of the other JOGLE members, Vince advises that the main reason for his running though is simply so he can satisfy his love of eating without feeling too guilty.

As someone not overly keen on car journeys, Vince admits to considering cycling up to John O'Groats for the start.  Meanwhile he tells me that he's looking forward to running as part of a team, seeing a bit of the country and also single handedly providing the team with the Stragglers JOGLE fan club with his family greeting us at the finish.
Paul Graham
Peej, PG, PJ, Alias Paul, thought the JOGLE idea was pretty stupid, but not one to miss out on a good time, there was no way he was not going to be taking part. Notorious for getting lost on runs, or lost in the pub, who better to ensure that the rest of the team stay focused when he has the baton.

2010 was not a good year in terms of running injuries and motivation, but now he is committed to the JOGLE he has no choice but to get in shape. He will also be the man to jolly up the team with some idle banter, normally when they are too tired to respond. Good previous experience of through the night relays in Holland, but these were in the early 90’s, so probably don’t count. Been part of the team who still hold the 3rd fastest time for the south downs relay, again, too long ago too be relevant now. But with time off work booked there is no stopping this man now!

An occupational therapist by choice, who also coaches at St Mary’s and was the brains behind the parkrun juniors event. Lives with the current Mrs G, who is a fairly good influence on his running and dietary habits, they have been happily married for nearly 3 years, because they have no children.

Evan Bond
Surprisingly caught here on camera with another runner in front of him (must have been a multi-lap race with Evan about to lap the guy in front), Evan likes to remind anyone willing to listen of his running prowess harking back to the mid-noughties when Evan ran a cool 2:35:20 in the 2005 London marathon or even further back in the 90s when Evan was running 31 minute 10ks and 69 minute half marathons and coming in at a very diminutive 8 & 1/2 stone.

Since then, the man who was brought up in the highveld in South Africa which required athleticism to hunt for his food and avoid being caught as prey has discovered supermarkets and the automobile which surprisingly have led to a marginal decline in form despite the regular intake of his preferred performance enhancing drug - beer.

Lucille Flood

“You what?” was my reaction when my sister advised that she thought it a good idea if she joined the JOGLE relay.  However, it being an open invitation to any Straggler, once she’d paid the £5 Straggler membership fee, there was nothing I could do to prevent her.  So, aged 35, I find myself still going on holiday with my little sister.....  
In running parlance, Lucille is more of a ball-oriented team sports person regularly playing one of the more obscure sports in the world in lacrosse.  She has however delved into running more recently having been coerced by me into running her first cross country since school in January and, last year, running stages on both days in the scratch Richmond parkrunners Green Belt Relay team.  She also impressively managed to beat her goal of not coming last on both days although I think that a group of runners lack of navigational skills ahead of her on the second day greatly assisted matters.......
Outside of running and family life, Lucille works as a picture editor at Comic Relief hence my grafitiing of her photo.   Fortunately Red Nose Day 2011 is on 18 March and so she’ll be at the start of another two years between her only proper working days (yes - RND is only once every two years, not annually).  As a result, Lucille comes with the side benefit of an abundant supply of unsold 2011 red noses.............

Nigel Rothwell

Anyone who has run any kind of race in the South / West London area has been shot by Nigel.  In the camera sense of course........  In the last couple of years, Nigel 'Paparazzi’ Rothwell has been forced on to the physio’s couch to recover from all manner of leg injuries and rather than using this time to sit on the sofa, relax and watch TV, Nigel covers just about every race in the South West London area inside the M25 with his trusty SLR camera with monster zoom.  In order to deal with the volume of data collected each weekend, the Rothwell hard drive storage capacity comes a close second to NASA in the global supercomputer hierarchy......

As well as the photography Nigel has also been involved with parkrun originally with Richmond parkrun and currently, along with fellow Jogler Hillary, one of the race directors at Kingston parkrun since it started in March 2010

Fortunately Nigel also happens to be a fairly decent runner and is the only runner in the group who also ran the 1995 Stragglers JOGLE event.  Having had knee surgery and stayed injury free for the last few months, Nigel is looking forward to ditching the camera and being the model for a change…….

Geoff Miles

Appropriately named Geoff enjoys his distance running.   One year into retirement after 38 years in IT with the UK’s largest airline and insurance companies, it also gets him out of the housework and domestic chores now that he is being encouraged to pull his weight at home.

Regularly cycled to work and took up running primarily to try to keep the weight down while the red wine consumption went up.  Started at the Bushy parkrun, joined the Stragglers and immediately recruited by the predatory Stragglers Green Belt Relay team organiser, Peter Wedderburn, into the GBR team for 2010 (don't turn up to the Hawker Centre between Feb and May if you want to avoid being coralled into a relay team - like herding cats according to Peter W!).  Thoroughly enjoyed the experience though, despite the shin splints and knee surgery, so back for more in 2011.

Started 2011 by running a half marathon in Guadalajara, Mexico where nr 2 son is teaching English as a foreign language.  At 1500m above sea level, and continuous sunshine, it provides the ideal training conditions for those early morning starts in Scotland.

Roy Reeder

Stragglers cross country and summer road league captain for the last few years, Roy didn't get into running properly until turning 30 when he completed the Harrow marathon.  Since then he has more than made up for lost time completing a further eight marathons and competing in a huge number of races both on road and cross country since joining the Stragglers in 1998.  

Like many of the others on JOGLE, Roy is a big fan of the Welsh Castles relay and has completed 10 of the 20 different stages to date (completing all 20 being one of his few remaining running ambitions).  Although he now concentrates on the winter cross country season, he can also be seen in the summer out cycling with the affiliated 'Stragglists'.  Roy is also a keen 'parkrunner' being one of several parkrun '100 club' members among the JOGLE group.  Roy was the pioneer of pakrun tourism notching up parkruns all around the country and, for a long time, being the most travelled parkrunner in the country.  However since Paul Sinton Hewitt decided to start them everywhere Roy has been superseded on the 'most events' list by some more fanatical parkrun travellers!

Aside from running, he tells me that his other claim to fame is in 1990 he won an Evening Standard newspaper competition to predict the contents of John Major’s Budget.

Kristin Simmers

Kristin hails from the US of A and is the Stragglers representative from the Americas joining our antipodean, African and Welsh representatives.  While Kristin is a new addition to the Stragglers, she has some running pedigree having run marathons in the US, France, Germany, Switzerland and Spain.  Of course, none of these compare to dealing with battling through the Scottish midges in mid-July and so she is very much looking forward to her first multi-day event in the UK!  

Most weekends, she can be found trotting around Regents or Hyde Park, taking liberal coffee breaks throughout her long runs, which always seem to end at the Whole Foods buffet. Kristin is very excited to to be a part of the 2011 JOGLE and to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support, dedicating her run to a family member currently battling cancer.

The other team members are pleased to have Kristin on board particularly as rumour has it that she did some cheerleading at school and so we'll have to dredge out some Straggler pom poms for the relay finish at Land's End.........