Below is a list of all of the accommodation that has been booked for the group.  For all but the first and last nights where the full team of 20 is accommodated in the same hostel (Inverness and Penzance), 16 people are accommodated in a range of accommodation depending on where we believe the night shift (between 11pm and 7am) will be running.  The night runners do not have any accommodation of their own, but should be able to get some sleep in accommodation for running teams running immediately prior to and after their 'night shift'.

Saturday 16 July - Inverness Youth Hostel - 20 beds (all team members in the same accommodation)

Inverness Youth Hostel

Sunday 17 July - Carbisdale Castle Youth Hostel (8 beds) and Loch Ness Youth Hostel (8 beds)

Carbisdale Castle Youth Hostel

Loch Ness Youth Hostel

Monday 18 July - Inverary Youth Hostel (4 beds), Glasgow Youth Hostel (8 beds) & Anchorage B & B Dunoon (4 beds)

Inverary Youth Hostel

Anchorage B & B

Glasgow Youth Hostel

Tuesday 19 July - Carlisle Youth Hostel (4 beds) & Windermere Youth Hostel (12 beds)

Carlisle Youth Hostel

Windermere Youth Hostel

Wednesday 20 July - Travelodges in Liverpool (4 beds), Chester (8 beds) and Wrexham (4 beds)

Liverpool Travelodge
Chester Central Travelodge
Wrexham Travelodge

Thursday 21 July - Gloucester Travelodge (4 beds) & Street Youth Hostel (12 beds)

Gloucester Travelodge

Street Youth Hostel

Friday 22 July - Oak Lodge B & B Bude (4 beds) & Penzance Youth Hostel (12 beds)

Oak Lodge B & B

Penzance Youth Hostel

Saturday 23 July - Penzance Youth Hostel (20 beds)

Penzance Youth Hostel