Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Charities have been selected and fundraising has started

With mixed emotions, I can announce that we have finally decided on the charities that the Stragglers JOGLE 2011 team relay are going to support.  These are as follows:
  1. Macmillan Cancer Support (70%)
  2. YMCA London South West (15%)
  3. The National Centre for Young People with Epilepsy (15%)
For information on why we have selected these charities, please go the Charity Fundraising page.  

I say mixed emotions as having a fundraising page, announcing it to friends and family and getting sponsorship for the event makes it feel somewhat more real.  Until now, this has been a bit of a pet project for which there was always the ultimate get-out if we couldn't raise sufficient numbers of runners / interest.  However now it's definitely going ahead and I'm going to have to actually put some decent maps together.

For those of you interested in sponsoring us, please click here for our fundraising page.  All donations are very much appreciated and are going to very worthy causes.  

Here's hoping our 19 confirmed runners stay injury free over the next 5 months.........